DataFerrett only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer. DataFerrett does not work with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox.

Due to increased Census Bureau internet security standards, your Java Policy settings will need to be changed. The steps below describe how to make this change which is necessary to run DataFerrett:
1. Update Java to latest version from
2. Go to where java is installed (usually C:/Program Files)
3. Navigate through jre1.8.0_51 > lib > security > policy > unlimited
4. Copy local_policy.jar and US_export_policy.jar from this folder
5. Paste these .jar files into the "limited" folder located under the "policy" folder. (you can save a copy of the existing "limited" .jar files elsewhere if you want to restore them later)

DataFerrett is a data analysis and extraction tool to customize federal, state, and local data to suit your requirements. Using DataFerrett, you can develop an unlimited array of customized spreadsheets that are as versatile and complex as your usage demands then turn those spreadsheets into graphs and maps without any additional software.



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